The Importance of Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife, comprising of animals, birds, insects and plants in their natural habitat, is a national resource which helps to maintain the ecological balance of nature. It also plays an important role in attracting tourists and thus helping the economy of a country. However, due to human activities, the wildlife is losing its habitat and hence is at risk of extinction.

Some of the reasons for the extinction or endangerment of wildlife include the rapid increase in population, construction of houses and roads, vacating land for agricultural and industrial purposes, mass killings of wild animals for their meat, skin, bones, fur and teeth and other extraneous factors.

Another reason is the changing climate, which has an impact on the animal’s habitat, food sources and habitation. The changing climatic conditions also leads to various diseases and other ailments in the wildlife, making them susceptible to various life-threatening situations. This has made the conservation of wildlife extremely vital in today’s world.

In the past, prehistoric humans had a constant struggle with wild-life, but eventually tipped the scales in their favor by using their superior intellect and weapons. Some of the great prehistoric species, such as mammoths, went extinct due to overhunting.

Despite their natural beauty, wild animals are vulnerable to man’s interference. Several species have become extinct and others are on the verge of becoming so, because of over hunting, destruction of their natural habitat, lack of food, pollution and other extraneous factors.

Wildlife is a rich source of biological and ecological information, which can be used for scientific research and other purposes. It is the responsibility of the people to save these animals for future generations. This can be done by preserving the wildlife in its natural habitat and by protecting them from other external threats.

Some of the animals are a part of our daily lives, such as cows and sheep. Other are kept as pets, and some even a part of the entertainment industry, such as bears, monkeys, lions, elephants and other trainable animals.

In recent times, people have started to take interest in the wild animals and they are making efforts to protect them, but still the situation is alarming because many species of wildlife have already disappeared from this earth. People should learn to conserve the wildlife in order to preserve the natural beauty of our planet. This should start from the young generation itself so that they will continue to take care of this precious gift of nature. Taking steps to save these beautiful creatures can make our world a better place to live in. We can create awareness among the children by giving them proper education about wildlife and its importance. This will help them to take a right decision in the future, which can change our world into a beautiful place. We need to save the wildlife from this world from extinction, so that our future generation can enjoy the wonders of this natural world.

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