Wildlife – The Importance of Protecting It

Wildlife (pronounced wil-fo-life) refers to undomesticated animal species and plants that live in their natural habitat. It is a crucial part of the ecosystem that helps in maintaining the ecological balance of our planet. Wildlife can be found all over the world in diverse regions such as forests, grasslands, deserts, oceans and wetlands. Wildlife species are unique in their adaptations, behaviors and interactions with the environment. It is important to preserve the diversity of wildlife to ensure sustainable use of natural resources and to provide economic, recreational and aesthetic value.

Wildlife is an invaluable resource and should be protected at all costs for our own well-being as human beings. Animals are also a source of food for humans. Therefore, we must protect them from any kind of cruelty and exploitation so that they can continue to play their vital roles in the ecosystem such as pollination and seed dispersal.

Unfortunately, due to the rapid industrialization and urbanization, wildlife is rapidly becoming endangered. Various factors like climate change, habitat destruction and unsustainable hunting have contributed to the decline of wildlife population. Many species are already extinct and others are on the verge of extinction.

There was a time when wildlife was abundant in every region of the globe, but with the advent of agriculture, settlement and urbanization wildlife has started to disappear. The animals were forced to take shelter in the dense forest to save themselves from humans, but with the increased human activities in the name of development, they have been pushed farther and farther away from their natural habitat.

Almost every species of animal that is living in the wild has some sort of role to play in the ecosystem. This includes insects, birds, reptiles, fungi and even microscopic organisms. These creatures help in maintaining the healthy balance of nature and also offer boons to mankind such as food, scientific research opportunities and esthetics.

Wildlife is a huge tourist attraction all over the world and this helps in the economic growth of a nation. But the tourism industry should be controlled in such a way that the natural ecosystem is not destroyed for commercial purposes. There should be strict laws to stop illegal capturing and exporting of wildlife. These laws should be strictly followed and severe punishment should be provided to those who are involved in this activity.

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