How to Help Save Wildlife

Wildlife is a vital part of the ecosystem. It helps in maintaining the balance of nature and also provides various economic benefits to a country like tourism and other activities related to it. But in recent years due to various factors, wildlife is getting extinct. Government and different non-government organizations are putting in lot of efforts to save the wildlife. They have reserved and earmarked some world famous forests and sanctuaries for the wildlife where animals are protected from any outside interferences.

In order to protect wildlife, many countries have enacted laws that prohibit the hunting of certain species. These laws usually require that hunters obtain a license before pursuing these animals and set limits on the number of animals they can kill during each hunting season. In addition, governments regulate the amount of pesticides and herbicides that can be used to kill wildlife.

Another significant threat to wildlife is habitat destruction. When people build houses and industries they cut down trees and a lot of wildlife lose their natural dwelling place. The population of people on the planet is increasing and this has put a lot of pressure on the natural resources. The need to provide food, shelter and water for the billions of people on this planet is consuming natural resources faster than ever before. This has created a lot of problems for wildlife around the globe.

Wild animals that produce products that we want to eat, wear or use are called “game” animals and include deer, elk, wildfowl, fur-bearing creatures, fish and marine mammals. Game species are often hunted for sport and to supply meat, skins, teeth, horns or other body parts. In addition, these animals can carry diseases that are dangerous to humans (zoonotic diseases).

The most important way to help save wildlife is by reducing the demand for animal products. We can do this by buying products that are energy efficient and made from renewable sources of materials, choosing not to purchase exotic pets and supporting genuine wildlife conservation programs. We can also help by planting native species of flowers, trees and bushes in our yards to provide food and shelter for wild animals. This is a simple, but effective way to encourage the presence of wildlife in our lives. This will also reduce the need for unnecessary hunting and other forms of wildlife control. By taking these steps, we can save wildlife and keep it safe for generations to come.

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