Help Wildlife by Conserving Their Habitats

Wildlife means all wild animals, plants, fungi and even microscopic organisms that live on this planet. They are important for sustaining a healthy ecological balance and hence should be protected by us. However, the world’s wild creatures are in trouble and many of them are facing the danger of extinction. There are several factors that lead to the extinction of wildlife, the most important being human activities. With the rise in population, humans are consuming natural resources at an alarming rate. In order to meet their needs, they are destroying forests, vacating areas for industrial purposes and hunting wild animals for their meat, skin, teeth and horns. The number of wild animals is decreasing rapidly with each passing day and hence there is a need to protect them.

The best way to help wildlife is by conserving their habitats. A habitat is a place where wild animals find favorable conditions to grow, thrive and survive away from predators and adverse weather conditions. It includes rivers, wetlands, forests, prairies and everywhere else that provides a natural environment to animals. People can do their part by not polluting waters, avoiding environmental pollution and not cutting trees in forest areas. They can also save wildlife by providing them with a safe shelter, food and water.

Many of these species are facing the threat of extinction due to various reasons, such as, deforestation, lack of food and water, hunting, over-hunting, etc. The government and non-governmental organizations try their best to protect these animals, but all their efforts go in vain if people do not understand the value of wildlife.

To conserve wildlife, it is important to know what the animals need and then provide them with that. One of the essential requirements is to provide them with a good source of water, as they do not have access to clean drinking water like we do. It is therefore a good idea to install birdbaths, small water sources and something large for big animals in your backyard or garden so that the wild animals can easily find the necessary water.

Apart from water, animals need a good supply of food, shelter and space. You can help wildlife by planting more trees and shrubs in your yard, providing a proper space for them to roam and making sure that the plants are not too close to each other so that the animals have enough room to move around. You can also feed the wildlife by setting up feeders for birds.

Another way to help wildlife is by keeping a record of the different wild animals that visit your home. You can do this by observing them carefully, writing down what you see and taking photographs of them. This way you can identify them and learn about their behavior. You can even contribute this information to wildlife databases or citizen science projects. You can also keep a log of the birds that visit your home and use it for identification purposes.

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