What is Climate Change?

Climate Change is the shift in average weather conditions over a long period of time. When the climate changes, it affects how and where people live. Climate change is caused by human activities, including burning fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal for energy. Burning these fuels releases carbon dioxide, which traps heat in Earth’s […]

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Help Wildlife by Conserving Their Habitats

Wildlife means all wild animals, plants, fungi and even microscopic organisms that live on this planet. They are important for sustaining a healthy ecological balance and hence should be protected by us. However, the world’s wild creatures are in trouble and many of them are facing the danger of extinction. There are several factors that […]

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How is Climate Change Affecting Us?

The planet’s climate is changing faster than ever before. This change is affecting everything we depend on, from natural habitats to human communities. It’s fueling environmental degradation, natural disasters and weather extremes, reducing food and water security, driving economic disruption and conflict, and pushing many people into poverty. A warming climate is the result of […]

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What Is Wildlife?

Wildlife is a wide-ranging term that refers to non-domesticated animals, plants, and other organisms living in the wild. Wildlife preservation, or conservation, is the practice of preventing the extinction of these species and safeguarding their habitats and ecosystems. A variety of government and non-government organizations are involved in this work. These include National Geographic Explorers, […]

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Impacts of Climate Change

Climate change refers to a significant increase in Earth’s average temperature over the past few decades. It is the result of human activities, primarily fossil fuel use and land-use changes. Carbon dioxide concentrations are rising mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels. Plants pulled the carbon out of the atmosphere through photosynthesis over millions […]

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The Ocean and Its Ecosystems

Ocean is a huge body of salt water covering 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. It produces half the planet’s oxygen and regulates climate, rainfall and droughts. It is home to a vast diversity of fish, mammals and birds. It also sustains a global industry that depends on ocean resources, including shipping and trade, fishing […]

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