What Is the Ocean?

Ocean is the vast body of water that covers most of our planet. It’s also an ecosystem that is constantly changing and teeming with life. Scientists are always learning new things about our oceans, and there is still much to explore. Our planet’s oceans supply at least half of the oxygen we breathe, store about […]

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The Importance of Wildlife

Wildlife is all animals and plants that exist naturally without intervention by humans. It refers to undomesticated animal species, although the term has also come to include all organisms that grow and live wild in an area. It is important to preserve wildlife for many reasons, including the boons that it provides us with, such […]

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The Importance of the Ocean

Ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and influences every aspect of life on our planet. It is home to an incredible diversity of bacteria, plankton, invertebrates, and vertebrates (fish, mammals, birds, reptiles) and other ocean organisms. Oceans help moderate Earth’s climate by absorbing heat and slowing its movement. They also regulate Earth’s water cycle […]

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Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife refers to non-domesticated animal species and plants that occur in their natural habitats without human influence. This includes all animals, including domesticated ones, as well as fungi and microorganisms that grow wild. It also includes their ecosystems and the parts of those ecosystems they interact with. Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting wild […]

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The Effects of Climate Change

Climate Change is a warming of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans that is caused by human activities. It is causing changes to the natural environment that are already impacting people’s lives, such as droughts, heat waves and floods. It is also affecting the world’s ecosystems, which are undergoing serious stress and may not be able to […]

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