The Ocean and Why It’s Important

The Ocean is the world’s largest reservoir of water, covering 70% of Earth’s surface. It is the primary component of our planet’s hydrosphere and influences climate and weather patterns as a huge heat sink. Its biological processes create at least half of the oxygen people breathe. It also regulates rainfall and droughts, holds 97% of […]

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The Threats and Challenges to Wildlife

Wildlife includes all living non-domesticated animals, plants and other organisms that inhabit wild areas. Despite their importance to the ecosystem, wildlife continues to face numerous threats and challenges, largely due to human activities. National and international governments along with various non-govt. organizations are constantly putting efforts to protect and conserve wildlife. Some world-famous forests and […]

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The Importance of the Ocean

The ocean is a vast body of salt water that covers 70% of Earth’s surface. This water is home to a tremendous variety of plants, animals, and microscopic plankton. It also plays a key role in global weather and climate. The ocean absorbs heat and carbon dioxide from Earth’s atmosphere, distributing it more evenly over […]

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Writing About Wildlife

Wildlife is the natural world of animals, plants and their habitats. Human activities often endanger the life of these species. Some examples are the destruction of their habitats, the hunting and fishing of them, pollution, global warming, and the introduction of invasive species. Despite these threats, people need wild animal species and their ecosystem services. […]

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The Ocean – A Natural Laboratory

Ocean: A vast, continuously moving body of salt water that covers 71 percent of Earth’s surface. Oceans supply the world with half of its oxygen and play an important role in transferring heat from the Equator to the poles. Evaporation from the oceans’ surface also brings rain to many places on the planet. While oceanographers […]

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What is the Ocean?

Ocean is a large body of salt water covering more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. It has been part of human history for thousands of years and continues to be a source of energy (for instance, through wind power and ocean thermal energy conversion), transporting people and goods around the world, supplying half of […]

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