Inuksuk (i nuk suk)

I am infatuated 

with this Inuit structure called an “inuksuk”. They are all over the town and we found a really cool one close to the bay. The Inuit make inukshuit (plural for inuksuk) in different forms and for different purposes. Sometimes they were used to show directions to travelers, to warn of people of danger, to mark a place of respect, or to help hunt caribou. The Inuksuk is so common across the Arctic that they have become a common sight all across Canada, especially in the north. It is a pile of stones arranged in the shape of a human being. The Inuit used the Inuksuk to mark trails, indicate stashes of food, the location of of nearby settlements and of good places to hunt or fish. At one time the Inuit built inukshuit in long lines on each side of the Caribou trail to help hunt them.
What are Inuit?
How did an inuksuk help the Inuit with hunting of caribou?
What does an inuksuk represent to the Inuit?

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