How Acidification is Affecting the Oceans

The ocean is an essential component of our planet. It covers 71 percent of the surface of the Earth, storing and transporting heat energy, supplying half the oxygen needed by living things, and influencing weather patterns. There are a number of ways that we can help to protect the world’s oceans, but the most effective […]

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What is Climate Change?

Climate change refers to a range of effects that are happening as a result of the way our planet is warming. Those changes include extreme weather, long-term shifts in climate patterns, melting of ice and rising sea levels. The majority of climate change is caused by human activities like burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and […]

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Conservation of Wildlife

Wild animals are a natural part of the ecosystem and play a critical role in maintaining the balance of nature. The wildlife of the world is a unique and precious heritage that contributes to human life in many ways, such as providing food, medicines, recreation, inspiration, and other essential services. A large number of species […]

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Wildlife Photography 101

Wildlife is the term used to describe any undomesticated animal or uncultivated plant that lives in its natural habitat. It includes flora and fauna, insects and marine species. It is a critical element of our ecosystem, helping to regulate the environment and maintain balance between the living and nonliving parts of the planet. If wildlife […]

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How to Protect Wildlife in Wisconsin

Wildlife is a term used to describe all the undomesticated animals that live in their natural habitat. These animals include a variety of mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and plants. They are found in all habitats, including forests, deserts, grasslands, and plains, among others. Many of the world’s wildlife species are endangered or vulnerable, meaning they […]

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How the Ocean Affects Life on Earth

The Ocean is a large body of salt water that covers about 70% of the surface of the Earth. It is an essential part of our planet’s ecosystem, supplying about half of the oxygen we breathe and helping to regulate the temperature of the world. It is also home to thousands of diverse species, including […]

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