What is Climate Change?

Climate change refers to a variety of changes in weather and ocean patterns that have been observed since the start of the industrial age. These changes are a result of a global increase in the concentrations of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2), in the atmosphere. The warming trend is causing many effects that affect […]

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The Ocean and Its Limits

The Ocean is one of the most important parts of the Earth. It is the largest body of water on our planet and has a large impact on weather, climate, food supply, and many other aspects of life. It is also one of the most mysterious parts of our world. It has been estimated that […]

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What Is the Ocean?

Throughout its long history, the ocean has provided Earth with numerous services, including climate regulation, trade and transport, and food production. In addition, the ocean provides an important habitat for a variety of animal species. The ocean, a body of salt water, spans about 71 percent of Earth’s surface and is called the “world ocean” […]

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