The Oceans

The world’s oceans are a vast and fascinating place. They cover more than 70% of the planet’s surface and provide food, shelter, and energy for many species. They also play a key role in the Earth’s climate. The word “ocean” means a large body of salt water that connects smaller seas and covers most of […]

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Impacts of Climate Change

Climate Change refers to the overall warming of Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land that we’ve observed over the last century due to increased greenhouse gas levels in the air. These gases, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, trap heat from the Sun, stopping it from escaping back into space and instead heating the planet. Human […]

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The Science of Oceanography

Oceans provide a vital source of oxygen through photosynthesis performed by marine plants. They are also home to fish, marine mammals and other forms of life. They are major shipping routes and provide raw materials used in technology, transportation and construction. In addition, oceans are important sources of food and recreation. Oceanography is the scientific […]

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What Is Wildlife and Why Is It Important?

Wildlife is non-domesticated animal species and other organisms that live in wild areas of the world. It includes all living things that are not farm animals or pets, such as birds, insects, reptiles and mammals. Wildlife is important because it plays a role in the balance and stability of Earth’s ecosystems. Wildlife is found in […]

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How Does Climate Change Affect Us?

Climate Change is caused by human activity that adds heat-trapping pollution to Earth’s atmosphere, causing the planet to warm. The most important human activities that cause this warming are burning fossil fuels – like coal, oil and gas – to produce energy, deforestation and farming. These activities also release heat-trapping gases, called greenhouse gases. The […]

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